Classification, Function and Application Method of Spring Pin

May 05,2022

A spring pin, also known as an elastic pin and elastic cylindrical pin, is a kind of pin with a hollow middle and elastic transverse opening. The spring pin is usually chamfered at both ends or one end to facilitate installation.


spring pin


Classification of the spring pin


Toothed spring pin


  • Light toothed spring pin


  • Heavy duty toothed spring pin


The shape of the elastic cylindrical pin is similar to that of the ordinary elastic cylindrical pin, but the difference is that its axial groove is in the shape of staggered wave teeth.


Coil spring pin


  • Light rolled spring pin


  • Heavy rolled spring pin


The function of the spring pin


The spring pin is often used for positioning, connecting, and fixing between parts; It shall have good elasticity, strength, and shear resistance. The outer diameter of this kind of pin is slightly larger than the assembly aperture. Because the elastic pin has contractibility, the reaction force after contraction can make the pin closely fit with the hole and play a fixed role.


Since the elastic pin is mainly fixed by the reaction force after shrinkage, the elastic pin is generally made of carbon steel, manganese steel, and stainless steel. This kind of material has moderate strength, good toughness, and elasticity, and can ensure the locking performance of the pin.


Usage of the spring pin


Generally, spring pins can be assembled by hammering or pressing with simple tools, but large elastic pins and batch assembly are completed by stamping equipment.


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