What Are Eye Bolts?

July 18,2022

The eye bolt is a screw specially designed for lifting, and its main function in the field of hardware and electromechanical is to lift the load. According to the size of the specification, it can carry the corresponding working load, which is convenient for the machine and equipment to be lifted without binding, and it is convenient and quick to install and lift.


Eye Bolts


What are eyebolts?


Eye bolts, like other bolts, have different thread specifications, generally divided into metric threads and inch threads. In order to clarify the specifications for use, the lifting eye bolts have parameters such as cast thread specifications and maximum bearing load on the surface during production. As a lifting tool, the use and installation of lifting eye screws should be operated by professionals and strictly abide by the operating specifications.


In addition to the above eyebolts for lifting loads, there is also a slip-knot eyebolt for small loads. Slip-knot lifting eyebolts have relatively small lifting holes and relatively tight pitches, and are suitable for hoisting and traction of light and small equipment.




The top of the large distribution box has reserved holes for the installation of the bolt rings in the initial process. Most of these holes are located around the top to ensure uniform stress. During the transportation process, the large distribution box can be hoisted smoothly and safely by connecting the bolt rings around the top of the box with slings.