What Is a Sheep Eye Bolt

June 16,2022

Sheep's eye bolts, also known as sheep's eyes, sheep's eye rings, sheep's eye nails, sheep's eye screws, etc., are widely used in accessories, toys, craft gifts, various wooden handles and other hanging accessories, and are also commonly used hardware for architectural decoration. one of the accessories.


Features of Sheep Eye Bolts


Sheep Eye Bolts


Sheep eye bolt is a new type of sheep eye bolt, including a screw rod and a ring hook. One end of the screw rod is provided with a thread, and the end of the screw rod away from the thread is fixedly connected to the ring hook. The ring hook is provided with an opening near the connection with the screw rod. The diameter of the cross-section of the ring-shaped hook is about 100%, the length of the thread on the screw rod is about 100%, and the length of the screw rod is about 100%. The surface of the new sheep eye bolt is provided with a plastic layer.


The new type of sheep's eye bolt has a hanging function, which can be used to hang architectural decorations under the ceiling of cement prefabricated board, wood board, gypsum board, decorative board or other board; the sheep's eye bolt has a large cross-sectional diameter and long screw and thread lengths. , Installed on the ceiling, the bearing capacity is large, safe and stable, and it is not easy to loosen; in addition, the plastic layer on the surface of the new horn bolt can prolong the service life of the horn bolt.