What are the Common Problems and Solutions of Stainless Steel Nuts?

April 06,2022

Stainless steel nuts are widely used in our daily life, but the common problems and solutions in daily use are not widely known. Today, let's talk about the use and maintenance skills of stainless steel nuts.


DIN982 Nylock Insert Nut Stainless Steel


DIN982 Nylock Insert Nut Stainless Steel locking solution


In short, it is necessary to use DIN982 Nylock Insert Nut Stainless Steels on product materials, so that stainless steel nuts will not fall easily. For the solution of stainless steel nut locking, there are two solutions:


  1. The resilience of special materials such as engineering resin materials is good. Connecting it to the teeth of DIN982 Nylock Insert Nut Stainless Steel and mechanical friction with nut or material product can solve the problem of screw looseness.


  1. Apply a layer of glue on the stainless steel thread, the so-called dispensing. This kind of glue is called anti-falling glue. This adhesive has excellent properties such as high adhesion. The glue is suitable for stainless steel nuts and has strong adhesion after drying. This can make the stainless steel thread have a strong fastening effect after the nut thread combination or the product thread hole connection.


Use and maintain DIN982 Nylock Insert Nut Stainless Steel


Stainless steel nuts are the basic parts of machinery and are in great demand. Generally, bolts, screws, rivets, etc. ensure safety or generally do not consider the impact of temperature, harsh environment, or other dangerous working conditions. Commonly used materials are carbon steel, low alloy steel, and non-ferrous metals.


However, on specific occasions, fastener materials need to meet the conditions of severe corrosion or high strength. Much stainless steel and ultra-high-strength stainless steel came into being. When using and maintaining DIN982 Nylock Insert Nut Stainless Steel, pay attention to the following six problems:


  1. The cleaning process of stainless steel nuts is very important and requires great care. During this process, residues will remain on the surface of the DIN982 Nylock Insert Nut Stainless Steel. The washing step is carried out after washing the silicate detergent.


  1. Stainless steel nuts shall be stacked together during tempering and heating, otherwise slight oxidation will occur in quenching oil.


  1. White phosphate residues will appear on the surface of high-strength screws, and the inspection is not careful enough during operation.


  1. The surface of parts will be blackened, resulting in chemical reverse use, indicating that the heat treatment is not done well and thoroughly, and the alkali residue on the surface is not completely removed.


  1. Parts and standard parts will rust during cleaning, and the cleaning water should also be replaced frequently.


  1. Excessive corrosion indicates that the quenching oil has been used for too long and needs to be added with new oil or replaced.
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